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  1. D4W1D

    Watcha listenin to?

    I really like this song too.
  2. D4W1D

    Watcha listenin to?

    Hows this
  3. D4W1D

    Watcha listenin to?

    Well im joking about the #FreeKodak part because he deserves to be in jail. But for real though that song isn't that bad.
  4. D4W1D

    Watcha listenin to?

    #FreeKodak kodak is god
  5. D4W1D

    [Video] Rust Cheat Media!

    Nice vids man. Keep it up
  6. D4W1D

    Royal hacker users can relate

    im SOOO hyped for this. Hopefully if its invite only I can get an invite
  7. Breaking Bad Game Of Thrones Narcos
  8. D4W1D

    Which games should we support ?

    There is lots of demand for a H1Z1 KOTK cheat

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