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  1. Unsure of its release date doesn't even say on the website kimdotcom.film just says 2017 hopefully it's be soon defeintly be downloading it tho lol. Tom
  2. https://youtu.be/M8iTRn8GUWc everyone needs to see this Tom
  3. You need to percifiy the English, You have British English Scotish English welsh English irish English jordy English American English or foreigner trying to talk English with there annoying tone. (Me at work trying to make out what some Indian is saying when I have to call IT support painful experience) Personally recommend you use something like ventrilo voice sounds very internet and understandable by a lot. Tom
  4. ESP/Radar would be enough for when you play realistic in planes. Aimbot would only be needed for tank game play as the last cheat i used on warthunder the aimbot for the planes was awful i can hit more legitish with just ESP as you already have the advantage of the skys because you drop down upon them. Tom
  5. If you do WoT you must do war thunder, very active game 10k plus ppl online game at anytime, itself requires a "good" cheat as they are none existent for it. Tom,
  6. OS: Windows 7 x64 English Games: CSGO / Rust Referer: nobody I agree to the terms.
  7. Need we say more...... Tom,
  8. Tom

    RH Media

    Mah RH rage video, cheat isn't rendered as it was recorded with demos due to me back then having a wank graphics card and fraps + hag = 15fps if i was lucky Tom,
  9. Tom

    RH Media

    That staff member from x22 still has it on YouTube I forget his name he was trusted on here
  10. Tom

    RH Media

    You are so sad...... one day your job shall be a fulltime asslicker
  11. [video=youtube;St8i7DJ9Qjk]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=St8i7DJ9Qjk mean while in the uk....

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