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Formal review for csgo cheat


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I played for a month with this cheat, and I can honestly say that this cheat, for such a small price is so much better than other cheats.

Aimbot legit: 10/10

easy to configure, never got called out,  play like I'm global. This aimbot really has something going

triggerbot: 8/10

because I wasn't really inclined to using it that much, because the aim bot does all the work. But it's good with the awp 

esp: 10/10

amazing. It looks nice, so customizable, it's setup so it does not block your view at all.

interface: 9/10

 the menu looks pretty good and is easy to use. This cheat is just buy, then cheat... within minutes.

Security: 10/10

never been banned. Played multiple games a day, on and off. Probably had about 80-100 hrs.

rage: 6/10 

it is very good. You won't have a problem dealing with anyone, except for people with rage cheats. This cheat is not meant for raging I don't think, but if you want to you can a little bit.

bhop 8.5/10

it looks really legit. And if it worked any better it would be fishy and I wouldn't use it, but some autostrafe of something would be nice for raging/messing around

setting up process: 10/10

nevwr had a cheat that was as easy to use as this one.

staff: 10/10

despite language barriers, they still helped me when ever I had the smallest of problems. Honestly some cheats like AA or I webz are decent, but their staff is terrible.... this is a big deal and reason I'm going to invest in the rust chest as soon as possible



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