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Found 2 results

  1. Today I'm releasing a new update to RHClient. This update includes some security update against both EAC and VAC, preventing detection of config files because of the previously hardcoded names. Previous configs are still working but you have to move them in their new directory. To find which one, simply login into RHClient, select your hack in the list, it will be displayed at the bottom in the Information area. If you have any question or bug report about this update, please post it in this thread, thank you.
  2. Hello! How far can I go with pSilent? 1-2 fov for legit play? And how good does it look on 128-tick server? Does the cheat have a Standalone RCS? Can you tell me anything about your security on how safe we're against VAC? Can I play on community server with SMAC? Do I need to have the cheat on my USB? And do I need to close Steam/CSGO before injecting? Best Regards!

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