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  1. Takes 2 seconds to search, its paused
  2. Blunt


    I'm sorry but I would have to Agree with this, IF it is resellers cause I didn't know others could resell it, I thought that was against the rules. But anyway, I AGREE
  3. Blunt

    Your all time favorite game hack?

    Haha nice! That was one of my first hacks for CS:S along with RH
  4. Blunt

    Your all time favorite game hack?

    Is that HL2Hook ??
  5. Blunt

    Your all time favorite game hack?

    My all time favorite hack from back in the day was for UT04 and the hack was called HelioS. And then for CS:S was HL2Hook. then came RH back in like 2008??
  6. Operating System: Windows 10 64bit ENGLISH I agree to RH Rules & BETA Program
  7. Blunt

    Which games should we support ?

    BF1 for sure id hope. Is H1Z1 a possibility?? And Gta5 MP would be sweet
  8. Blunt

    RH GUI Theme

    I remember this theme, looks good
  9. OS: Windows 10 x64 English Games: CSGO/Rust Referer: nobody I agree to the terms Multiple accounts with CS:GO and Rust to test on, also have World of Tanks.

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