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Found 2 results

  1. README: Sponsored status

    Sponsorship for the following hacks is possible: CSS CSGO TF2 Sponsored rank means free hacks, as long as you keep doing your job. What is the job then ? Any requirements ? Post at least weekly videos on YouTube related to our products. Good community (above average followers/views). Related content (minecraft or GTA5 RP videos nope, must be cheating videos on support games). Any sponsored person will also be able to offer the following to his/her community: A special reduction code Monthly giveaways If you like our products and are willing to promote them, then go ahead and create a thread in this forum ! Make sure to include the following: YouTube link Wanted hacks Your native language /!\ Later on, Sponsored ranked persons will also be able to generate a revenue with Royal Hack and the special reduction code, not available /!\ EDIT: In order to be viable for sponsored rank, you will have to create a video of our product first, that video will be the main work we will look in order to approve you or not. So any customer can make a video and apply for Sponsored.
  2. Become Sponsored by Royal Hack

    Hello everyone, If you are active on YouTube or other medias and with a fair "fanbase" you can become sponsored by Royal Hack. This means free hacks for you and also a special 10% discount code available for your community on their first RH purchase. For now we only offer sponsorship for our CSGO Hack. If you are interested, please send me a private message and link me to your media. ps: Giveaways are also possible. psps: Sponsored will also unlock access to some premium hacks later on before everyone else.

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