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  1. Great review! Although the shoutbox is not meant for support
  2. Linkmobile's CSGO Review I would like to start off by stating that I have been cheating on CSGO for a couple years now, primarily legit based cheating and not raging. Over the two years I have been through a few different providers (that I won't name for the sake of advertising) although I can definitely say that Royal Hack's CSGO cheat has the cleanest and most interactive GUI of all the cheats i've used. Upon purchasing there are many different configs available for download, which is amazing as you can search through and choose which best suits your play style. This will help avoid overwatch bans as an inexperienced player with bad game sense and movement should not be using high fov and rcs, of course this only matters if you are interested in cheating on your main or want to remain unbanned. Other than the great aim assist and esp options, my personal favourite feature that I have not seen from alternative providers is the sound and focus esp which allows you to see the enemies footsteps visually when they come within hearing range, this is a great option for players that wish to look legit (like myself) and dominate their enemies with immaculate perception. The only thing that the cheat needs is a skin changer, which I am aware is going to be put in soon enough and I cannot wait to see. Thank you for reading, I am only new to these forums but am thoroughly enjoying both the website and CSGO cheat so far and to anyone looking to purchase I definitely recommend.
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