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  1. OS: Windows 10 x64 German Games: CSGO only Referer: mattdog I agree to the terms.
  2. eXo

    RH Media

    You need the old steam colortheme on it, I guess it would look fkn sexy on it
  3. eXo

    RH Media

    Sorry for doublepost, but cant edit my post anymore :c Remember Royal Cafe? PS: thec0re background, anybody still has contact to element?
  4. eXo

    RH Media

    I guess he means this one, wich is nice too btw^ But this is not the one im looking for I just found this gay as fake version, without real audio and bad video quality
  5. eXo

    RH Media

    Anybody still has the rage video of Wierd ( the old staff guy ), I think it was called "Royalhack Rage Phoenix Edition" ? here is a simple vid, wich I did 6 years ago l0l

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