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  1. Commands the server runs silently (that you normally can't see in console) For example - in Flood when you spawn in a prop it would say "RunConsoleCommand: 'fm_spawnprop 24.00 ;'" http://i.imgur.com/gGSmyKd.png
  2. All the features suggested so far are good. - Bypass client side (Servers Client side luas aren't executed. - works with bypassing some of CaC's checks) - Console logger (Detects silent server commands, and logs them) - Game mode exploits; -DarkRP: Duplicate weapons = Drop gun, (2 seconds) sleep. (Simple script) -Flood: Be able to edit prop price/health. etc (Used to do it with console logger) If you look into these game modes deeper, I'm sure a lot more exploits will be available. - Auto strafer (various types? (silent, sideways, backwards)) - Show all weapons ESP function. (Should help with detection for murder/ttt) These are all do-able as another cheat has them.
  3. Operating System: Windows 7 64 Bit ENGLISH I agree to RH Rules & BETA Program I would love to beta test!!
  4. If you're thinking of bypassing Battleeye may as well make a cheat for H1Z1: kotk. As far as I know there are hardly any which are rarely detected. Would be dope to cheat in that game
  5. OS: Windows 7 x64 English Games: CSGO / Rust Referer: Myself! Used to be an old rh member. I agree to the terms.

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