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  1. Sorry about necro posting but want to say that there is huge problem in all survival games not just rust. For example we did have nice economy system going on in one arma 2 dayz epoch mod server many years ago. We were approximately group of 30 legit and super active players and we collected taxes (we call them protection money as mafia usually do) from every base in one server The price needed to be paid once in a month and it was not too much that anyone couldn't make it but it was enough that some ppl considered to not pay it and look what happen, well they figured it out pretty fast what h
  2. Depends a lot of game. In most fps games I like cheat since I know many ppl do so as well. But for example MMORPG's there is not that much cheaters and you really cant get that much advantage with cheats so mostly play legit on those. In survival games like rust and arma series games I cheat always, but I mostly try to avoid eye contact with other players. But in certain point I just go for the hunt, don't give a shit about loots. In dayz for example I just took the .338 lapua magnum sniper rifle and hunt everyone from miles away so they don't even know where they did get shot at, they just ba
  3. Playing surviving games like rust needs at least group of four people to succeed anything. Playing alone even with hacks is frustrating except if the server has wiped today, other than that there is already big bases and non friendly groups raiding bambies and their huts. Also rust was pretty limited game if you compare it to dayz epoch mod for example, but that's another story then
  4. Did someone mentioned rust legacy We might have conquered the germany 2 server with couple friends a pretty long time. And btw happy raiding to our house, yes all that green mess is box esp's and there was plenty of those. Can reveal afterwards that the every floor got 8x8 platform and only the middle one got boxes full of loot, all other boxes around were sealed in empty rooms to trick other hackers. Only way to enter our house was from the top (with jump hack) and the bottom floor was covered with spike walls as well as the big circle around our house to keep normal ppl out. And ofc represen
  5. RTCW ET back in the 2004 before that only cheat codes and trainers. Still remember the first time when I was able to see thru walls and aim with aimbot that was actually worse than doing it yourself After couple years of cheating in ET I bought CSS and thought that I will stop cheating when moving to new game and as all of you know that was biggest lie I ever said and it will never happen After that the cheating get totally out of my hands very quickly and there was no way to go back never again. And here we are still cheating 13 years later, its been a long road.

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