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GMOD bugs/suggestions


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Hi since there isn't really a gmod topic in private area I thought I'd just post it here instead

Le bugs:

Tabbing out with the menu on causes the game to hang unless you close the menu


ESP disappears when you get too close to a player while looking up or down


ESP doesn't show correctly when using FA:S 2 Weapon pack sniper scope same goes with CW 2.0 (Chuck's Weaponry 2.0)


ESP boxes are too big on small entities resizing box to what the size of the entity would be nice to see



I'd love to see royalhack for gmod being compatible with the 64-bit version of gmod as of right now it only injects to the 32 bit version

Aimbot pretty self explanatory a nice feature that I'd like to see being added with customziable smooth and so on

Backtrack would also be a nice feature to see in the cheat and being also able to backtrack people without the aimbot too

A better entity selector being able to search or add entities by typing them and have an esp that shows you every entities

GLUA executor maybe?? allows you to execute luas example loading lenny scripts alongside with royalhack


Customizable name esp different esp boxes normal 3d etc hitbox esp weapon esp health bars being able to put the name esp weapon esp and health bar to the right left top and bottom etc perhaps being able to change the color too

Show rank tag shows if they're an admin vip perhaps this could also be useful in TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town) who's the terrorists and detectives

lasor beamz cuz why not tf2 css csgo has it

ESP distance limit it limits what can be rendered at your screen this can help with fps and less cluttered on your screen

Color based esp this can be pretty useful for darkrp to identify which jobs they're in

Aimbot target color shows which player is being targeted by the aimbot with your color of choice

Chams see playdoh people thru wallz with different types of material flat textured wireframe and visibility check this could also be nice for esp too

Glow/outline just a nice visually appealing

Misc :

No spread removes spread pretty useful I'd love to see being compatible with M9K FA:S 2 and CW 2.0 since that's what 90% server uses nowadays

No recoil removes recoil pretty useful too

Keypad stealer tells you what the code is to access the door can be useful in darkrp

Spectator list see if someone is spectating you

Bunny hop bong bong bong jump around the map in full speed

Auto strafe automatically strafes for you by just holding the jump button directional strafe could be nice too

Player list check their steam profiles add people to your friends esp/ignore aimbot too if it gets added with a click instead of typing their name highlight/prioritize a player with a different color could be useful if you wanna target a specific player

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2 hours ago, UnstucK said:

What is happening.

You guys decided UnstucK lazyness on the beach drinking mojitos is over ?

You picked the two kinda outdated hacks and decided to harass me .............


Unstug will do some moves ....


Video Games GIF by South Park

unstug = code hake no moar unstug = zombie))) must meak royalhak pwnage+++)))

after that unstug can le draink cuz hake updat

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