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Devblog 154 #RUST


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Hello everyone, 

New Radtown seems to be sick, so exited to hit some barrel in :D .

Just want to have your point of view of this new devblog ?


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On 2017-03-31 at 1:44 AM, pazpok said:

Searchlight look nice yes.

Stezz you think something in particular cause i don't see what kind of improvements left in game .

Right now people despawn online raids making offline raids the only viable raids... I mean sometimes they don't despawn but people still never do because there is always the chance.


also it's safer to offline....


asides that aspect? Idk... maybe fix early game raiding, and ads progression to components so there is in early game.

asides raiding? AI (i know they are working on it)

buff to pump shot gun. Make guns require more skill in general.


all this is bias/my opinion... you may think this is all BS, and I probably is. But it's fair to say the game does require improvements, or at the very least wouldn't be harmed.

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Nice point of view Stezz, you're absolutely right about that.

Obviously offline raid is the right solution for now. Online raid require to be fix about this despawning but i don't know how it's possible (maybe increase cooldown when your drop a item on the ground).

About gun's skill, yes guns are easy to take in charge but Facepunch began (with P250 nerf long range) to make harder to kill people.

(sorry about my english --French)

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