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Frequently Asked Questions & Guidelines For Rust.



[if this could be pinned, please do :P.]

Q: Is the Rust Cheat out yet?

A : Yes, it is in a system of invitation, basically the beta testers can invite people they want to into the cheat access. Using their "trusted" rank.

Q: How can I earn this invite?

A : A Beta tester has to give you one.

Q: How much does the Rust cheat cost? 

A : 35 Euro.

Q: Is there any way to be sponsored?

A : Yes! You must have 10k subscribers (last time i saw :P)

Guidelines : 

* Please do NOT beg Trusted members for the cheat, it makes you look obnoxious and ignorant around your surroundings, they are people too, and please look around. Keep in mind, you can lose ALOT of rep from this, take this post as an example.


Not only did this member lose 6 rep, but clearly was ignorant upon his surroundings.

*Please do not try to Bribe the beta testers for the cheat, it is impossible to give out and ive had two spam accounts pm me inquiring upon this very topic.

*Please be kind to others, even if you are in a race for the cheat. I get it, its an amazing cheat, it doesnt mean you should all climb over eachother for it :P.

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