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Hello mates, as most of us are aware, many servers are wiping on Rust tomorrow. "The wipe", a beautiful time in which all you see are plains, mountains and radtowns full of butt-naked beings with bows and spears for days on end. Where arrowing down nakeds for a couple thousand wood is the jackpot. Where homes are quickly built, just as fast as dreams are crushed by clans and people who group up.

Now, as excited as I am for the wipe, there are the downsides to it, like playing solo as often as I am paired with a friend. As expected, we often meet our demise against people that outnumber us. I've seen personally what the hacks are like to use, and it seems to make the game much more enjoyable, and at times, even makes it fair when a ton of people are raiding your base and you have no back-up :ph34r:.


Unfortunately however, I believe you guys don't have enough beta-testers (15ish?), some of which don't seem too active on the game at all (I don't blame them, life can be busy ofc). I've hacked in many games in the past, and there is a difference between buying/using hacks, and testing the hacks. Pushing the hack to its limits to see what you can and cannot do. Most notably, I was a something-of-a beta tester for the top maplestory hacking website for over a year back then, with hundreds of referrals to the website, I was trusted to test out new versions of the hack right before release, look for new exploits and glitches in game, and bugs with the program itself.

I have the experience you guys deserve to test your 1337 program.

So let me pwn noobs on the wipe tmrw.

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Well, seems like you're the first person to cause trouble on the forums.

The rep abuse in this thread would be appreciated if stopped.

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