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60% refund plz


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6 hours ago, TitanHowix said:

i want a refund plz , it's not yet half of the monthly subscription i want a refund :(


We usually only refund if the hack is not working, in your case the hack is working just fine.

However, since you purchased only 2 days ago, I can offer you a 50% refund. If that's ok to you I will refund that part asap.

Can you please tell us why you want to get a refund anyway ?


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1 hour ago, TitanHowix said:

it's because I though it have rage since i'm hvh lol sorry I have blind eyes 

Alright, you should have received the refund already;

Thanks, if you consider legit hacking, come back to us ;) 

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why would u refund the best legit cheat out there in the market......... if RH wouldnt have been public then the best fucking cheat in my opinion would be anyday RH regardless of the fact that alot of them dont know how to configure nonetheless easiest configurable cheat


feelsbad for u my friend

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