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N3tw0rks "CS:GO full" Review


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CS:GO Full Review

(OBS: This review is from my point of view.)

Detection: 10/10 When you buy a cheat you can never be sure if it's safe or not to use, my first opinion looking at RoyalHack was it's another Aimware that gets detected every VAC wave. Seems I was really wrong this cheat has never been VAC detected the developer(s) know what they are doing and don't only do it for the money as they clearly don't want there customers getting VAC banned. I don't know for how long this cheat has been undetected but seems it's almost been 2 years now? I highly recommend using this cheat if you are thinking of cheating on your main account. Overwatch is still a thing so if you get Overwatch banned it's not because of the cheat it's only because you are bad at using it.

Price: 10/10 Pricing is really good for being an good legit cheat and never been detected. This is why I thought it's just like aimware but clearly it's not. A cheap and extremely good cheat for CS:GO. There is nothing more to add to this you can buy only aimbot or only wallhack or both and the prices are amazing so this one will be really simple answer.

Legit: 9/10 The legit part of the cheat is obviously good as it''s and legit based cheat. If you are new to cheating I'd say use and config on these forums as it's a bit tricky getting your config just right so Overwatch can't notice that you're cheating. I can't say so much more as I don't see what more to talk about it's an amazing legit based cheat and I'm hopping it will only get better. 

Rage: 3/10 This can't be a surprise? The cheat have some rage features like 180 FOV in aimbot. But there's the end. I'd like an buy option for CS:GO rage where t here are only rage features and it could bring in more customers. Also it would be nice when you are playing an legit game and enemy is rage  hacking so you could just toggle and destroy his shity cheats.

Support: 8/10 The support from UnStuck has always been fast and reliable. I wish there would be some more admins or at least moderators to manage and maybe answer questions faster and in different time zones. I love the function of the shout box as it's the fastest way for support.


I will be posting more about this cheat and I hope you'll buy this cheat after reading this as I highly recommend you to buy this product!

I know I posted this in the CS:GO section too, sorry for that but I mean there will be more feedback coming!

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