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Hey Guys! whats up im here to be sponsored by you guys. Im already sponsored by Omniaim and upload on daily basis.

Here is my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCstC5Qpay7m5LTdVQG0EOpQ?view_as=subscriber 

im interested in csgo hacks. And im really found of making hacking videos. As i want to expand my channel.

At the end as im from india my native language is hindi but my mother tounge is Punjabi but im comfortable with english as well.

Hoping for best Thanks.

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You need to read what unstuck has said. You need to create a video using royalhack, then apply. The video you make with RH will be what the admins will use to determine to sponsor you or not.

+ Not to be rude, but im not sure they will sponsor you when you have less than 50 views per video BUT i may be wrong, unstuck might be in a good mood ;)



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Well bro Times pays. I don't disagree with you but it take time to be on the top and u need to start from somewhere. so np !! if they will or not I was willing to have this hack because I heard of it from many. And even some friends of me use it. 

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