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ESP - 10/10 Looks kinda styles cheat :D

Aimbot - 8.5/10 Great but I don't know how to use it because there are no guides for config it

Misc 10/10 Great

Skin Changer - 5/10 Best skinchanger by far BUT StatTrack, I'd do a HUGE donation if we fix statTrack it only work for usp :((

33.5/4 = 8/10

Only things that need to be added are StatTrack and a guide to config aimbot and rcs

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3 hours ago, tWenY said:

The explanation of the features


  • Aimbot
    • Weapon specific configuration
      • Ally  Aim at teammates if enabled.
      • Aim Key Aimbot will only be activated with that feature condition (Press Escape to remove any aim key, aimbot will then be always enabled).
      • Jumping  Aim at Jumping players if enabled.
      • FOV  Customize the field of vision angle (0-180°)
      • Priority  Set aimbot priority
        • FOV will aim to your crosshair's nearest target
        • Health will aim at player with lowest health
        • Distance will aim at closest target
      • Hitboxes Pick different hitboxes to aim at.
      • Swap Target Allow the aimbot to pick another target in one aimbot sequence
      • Duration The time in ms the aimbot will stick to target after first lock
      • Keep Target The time in ms the aimbot will respect before switching to another target
      • Recoil Control System (RCS*) Compensate weapon's recoil by two factors (X/Y)
        • RCS Scale Pitch
        • RCS Scale Yaw
      • Auto Shoot Aimbot will also shoot when target is acquired
      • Auto Duck Duck automatically while aiming
      • Auto Pistol Fire semi automatic guns in full auto mode.
      • Vertical Aiming If enabled, aimbot will also update your Y axe, disabling it allows you to control your recoil because you have manual control over Y axe.
  • Triggerbot
    • Trigger Key Triggerbot will only be enabled upon that condition.
    • Ally If enabled, the trigger will also aim at teammates.
    • Hitboxes Specify hitboxes to aim at.
    • Duration The time in ms the triggerbot will fire after detection
    • Pause Allow to lower fire rate (will pause if last detection is in between our pause value).
  • ESP
    • Players
      • Ally If enabled shows teammates
      • 2D Box Display a 2D box around player
      • Skeleton Will draw the skeleton of the player using its bones
      • Hitbox Will draw full player's hitbox
      • Name
      • Weapon Active weapon name
      • Health
      • Health Bar Health bar showing player's health with color codes
      • Distance The distance between you and the player.
      • Head Dot Show dot on player's head. Used for legit wallhacking
    • Weapons
      • 2D Box
      • Name
      • Distance
      • Primary Show on ground primary weapons
      • Secondary Show on ground secondary weapons
      • Grenade Show on ground grenades
      • Defuse Kit Show on ground defuse kits
    • Grenades
      • 2D Box
      • Name
      • Distance
      • Trajectory Display real time trajectory
      • Smoke Grenade
      • Flashbang
      • HE Grenade
      • Decoy
      • Molotov
    • C4
      • 2D Box
      • Name
      • State Show C4 state (planted / on ground)
      • Distance
      • Explode Timer The time in seconds before explosion
      • Defuse Timer The time in seconds before defusing
    • Skin Changer
    • Auto Accept
    • Bunny Hop
    • Show Ranks


*RCS control recoil for pitch/yaw *vertical/horizontal*

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