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  1. 1337x

    My feedback

    Both of the cheats are quality I recommend buying whichever cheat you like I have used CS:GO and TF2 hack they're both awesome and are highly recommended to buy.
  2. 1337x

    Is there other ppl settings thread?

    Does anybody have configs of the "Aimbot only" version? Seems like the configs that are uploaded are broken I think since it only enables aimbot only on few weapons but I've created my own and I might upload later.
  3. 1337x


    Sounds awesome I'm really interested in this cheat might be subbing once I try how it performs. I really don't want to double pay though if trials are paid.
  4. 1337x


    Can I have a trial to test the cheat how it performs before buying? Thank you and good luck with sales.

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