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  1. Jamestrollol

    Play together

    Well yea but ive talked on discord sometimes but no one from sea responded
  2. Jamestrollol

    Play together

    Hey guys im lookin for a friend to play together with XD, u can dm me if u want to Im at SEA/Asia Server btw ill be lookin forward lets rekt this people XD Im MG2
  3. Jamestrollol

    [CSGO ESP] 2 Months Review

    Security (100/10) Bruh the security of RH hacks is dependable, it hasnt been detected for years and i never received any ban. This cheat is really worth it to buy rather than buying cheats from other provider that got detected once/twice a year. Da Chit (100/10) Yes boi its really gud and i love it i dont really like the chams tho because maybe the color is to "thick" for my eyes, makes my eye hurt (maybe just me idk) other than that its really good. I prefer just a simple glow that getting red when the health is lower. Injection (8/10) The injection is pretty hard for the first time, dunno why because theres alot of error and shit and need to do alot of things to make it right i just slapped my laptop ass and then it works nah jk. I ask unstuck and the other moderator for help and they really helped alot the support on this site is the best that ive ever experienced they help u through the shit that u got shitted on. Just make en exclusion on ur antivirus on the injector so it wont block it. Overall : So overall this is the best side for buying cheats, the moderator and the king is really friendly and u can also join the discord server for the fun even im not so active. UNSTUCK always hear feedbacks from the user and replied really fast and work fast to fix the issues on cheat so dont worry if theres a bug/shit like that he will fix it realll quick no problemo. The price of the cheats is in a cheap category for this type of security and quality not like other providers that sells for like 13/15 EUR for getting ban in the next month or months comin. Well i hope that unstuck can make a csgo cheat that bypasses the FACE IT server side/client side and make more cheats for other games. Weell thats all from me thx for reading and enjoy ur day ;D - James

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