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  1. Fars3

    Bonjour, je suis nul.

    Il faut avoir le rank "donateur" comme dit plus haut, https://royalhack.net/donate/make-donation/ Après avoir fait une donation tu aura sur ton profile le rank "donateur" qui te permettra d'avoir accès a une catégorie spéciale du forum pour pouvoir acheter rH rust ou rH pubG quand ils sont disponible. Certains "cheats" sont indisponible pour les utilisateurs standard, car pour certains jeux les "cheats ne courent pas les rues" et vu les anticheats qui protège pubg ou rust c'est encore plus normal d'avoir une "invitation" avant de pouvoir acheter. (Un modérateur confirmera) En espérant avoir répondu à ta question.
  2. 7,8 years for me Rh never die i remember old Rh pub for css Aimbot was sick
  3. Fars3

    [CSGO Full] Fars3's Royalhack Review

    Just amazing . Nothing to say.
  4. Hello royalhack users, Here you can found my review for CSGo Full, to start with royalhack, i'm a old user, i know royalhack since 1.6 scene the first public multihacks, base source etc. Royalhack is the most trusted seller i know at this day, the cheapest (i don't know why the price is so low for this diamond hack ) and the most secured hack (i use it almost the begining Cs:Source version old) and i never got vacced. .: Difficulty to use RH loader and cheats 10/10 :. * Royalhack loader is very simple to use just type your username and password, select your cheat and ENJOY that's all... I give a 10 because old rh client was very hard to use.. this one is perfect ! .: Gui 10/10 :. * Looks the old rh menu, the gui is very pretty but simple (that will be cool if you add a custom colors for the gui). .: AIMBOT 9,0/10 :. * Very nice aimbot with 3 methods included (i think the better is FOV), perfect aimbot for legit play and rage. For HvH first this is not a hack made for (i think) but you can play with (just need a AntiAim i think). .: TriggerrBot 9,5/10 :. * The triggerbot is very legit i just tried it with some weapons, but i don't use it at all in game so i can't tell you more of this But it's worked fine ! .: ESP 10/10 :. * Very nice ESP you can do anything you want with colors overlay (awesome like old rh too ), but i thought i would find chams again but there isn't chams yet (i know it's a dangerous feature to use due to Vac scan but Bones and hitbox esp are pretty nice with customs colors. .:: Crosshair 10/10 ::. * I'm using my own crosshair but i take a look and there are 5,6 customs crosshairs you can use. .: Skins changer (10/10) :. * Haven't used it yet. .: Rh in game (fps) 10/10 :. I see no difference if rh was loaded or not.. No fps drop or stuff like that (with all features activaded). .: Misc 9/10 :. * I hope royalhack will add more misc features, bunny hop is perfect, autopistols too, auto accept feature is not worked (due to last cs go update). PS: I think RH is the best legit cheat i follow rh from the start i finish with ! Don't spend your money to others p2c $**t "Royalhack know what they do" I'll reviews H1z1 and Left 4 dead 2 if we are able to buy these games. Thanks you for reading (sorry for my english i try to perfect it without translate ... )
  5. Fars3

    Rainbow Six Siege

    Ok i understand, i'll wait for this game. PubG/h1z1 look very nice if the hack is released coming soon Thanks you for reply.
  6. Fars3

    Rainbow Six Siege

    Hello rH, I just wanted to know in the future, if you will make a Release for Rainbow Six: Siege not specially a multihack but just simple chams / Esp ? Thanks for reply.

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