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  1. I think you need to Pm Unstuck for btc payment. He will send you btc adress.
  2. 7,8 years for me Rh never die i remember old Rh pub for css Aimbot was sick
  3. Hello royalhack users, Here you can found my review for CSGo Full, to start with royalhack, i'm a old user, i know royalhack since 1.6 scene the first public multihacks, base source etc. Royalhack is the most trusted seller i know at this day, the cheapest (i don't know why the price is so low for this diamond hack ) and the most secured hack (i use it almost the begining Cs:Source version old) and i never got vacced. .: Difficulty to use RH loader and cheats 10/10 :. * Royalhack loader is very simple to use just type your username and password, select your cheat and ENJOY that's all... I give a 10 because old rh client was very hard to use.. this one is perfect ! .: Gui 10/10 :. * Looks the old rh menu, the gui is very pretty but simple (that will be cool if you add a custom colors for the gui). .: AIMBOT 9,0/10 :. * Very nice aimbot with 3 methods included (i think the better is FOV), perfect aimbot for legit play and rage. For HvH first this is not a hack made for (i think) but you can play with (just need a AntiAim i think). .: TriggerrBot 9,5/10 :. * The triggerbot is very legit i just tried it with some weapons, but i don't use it at all in game so i can't tell you more of this But it's worked fine ! .: ESP 10/10 :. * Very nice ESP you can do anything you want with colors overlay (awesome like old rh too ), but i thought i would find chams again but there isn't chams yet (i know it's a dangerous feature to use due to Vac scan but Bones and hitbox esp are pretty nice with customs colors. .:: Crosshair 10/10 ::. * I'm using my own crosshair but i take a look and there are 5,6 customs crosshairs you can use. .: Skins changer (10/10) :. * Haven't used it yet. .: Rh in game (fps) 10/10 :. I see no difference if rh was loaded or not.. No fps drop or stuff like that (with all features activaded). .: Misc 9/10 :. * I hope royalhack will add more misc features, bunny hop is perfect, autopistols too, auto accept feature is not worked (due to last cs go update). PS: I think RH is the best legit cheat i follow rh from the start i finish with ! Don't spend your money to others p2c $**t "Royalhack know what they do" I'll reviews H1z1 and Left 4 dead 2 if we are able to buy these games. Thanks you for reading (sorry for my english i try to perfect it without translate ... )
  4. Ok i understand, i'll wait for this game. PubG/h1z1 look very nice if the hack is released coming soon Thanks you for reply.
  5. Hello rH, I just wanted to know in the future, if you will make a Release for Rainbow Six: Siege not specially a multihack but just simple chams / Esp ? Thanks for reply.
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