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  1. i found royalhacks in the website of other cheater provider , they were making a list of undectected cheats plus the last ban wave etc , and this was the only one saying detected never
  2. i just notice that still im a ignorant
  3. And I see some post saying injection is hard but for me has never give me any trouble
  4. Security 99999999999/10 I ask every time ( last detection ) unstuck answer as always with a sublime never , I been using this hack since 2017 and is amazing Aimbot 10/10 Amazing and beautiful , is fast or slow depending on your config but the 99% of the time it hits where you want it too Configuration 9/10 i don’t give it a 10 cause for people like me:v is hard to config the hack , what do I mean by that ? Well is has some many fucking options and I don’t know the use of half of thoses , but then again this is just me . I imagine the ones who can exploit all the conf

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