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  1. Hi @unstuck, I think he's trying to get a refund since he doesn't want to play anymore, specially since he got his windows 10 key stoled and basically he just need to reset the hwid, but as i said, hes trying to get a refund since he doesnt want to play i guess
  2. Hello guys, is it possible to get offsets in here? since its a community, i thought so. just wondering also if someone can dedicate time to teach on how to get them, thanks for your time
  3. Like, having the aimbot doing the aim for you, you have set Head only, so, any time head is showing its gonna aim directly to the head for you to have the chance of just doing a click and kill
  4. this seems to be pretty good, what about the autoaim? is something that you can think of adding? @UnstucK

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