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  1. Back early 2004 in Counter Strike 1.6. Been kind of off and on cheating since.
  2. No real soft spot here. I tend to play games legit until I get bored of them, then cheating makes them fun again. Some games I'll cheat immediately if I know it's not a game I'd really get into legit. I do play certain games legit though, not because I feel bad for others, more because I really enjoy the game and I want a challenge. I think I'm a rarity though, most people seem to be either always legit, or always cheating. To each their own.
  3. @Unstuck: Oh nice, glad everyone is still here. I'll be sure to check in every once in a while, like I used to do. @menc9re: I was moderator on MPC Forum for the CSS section back in 2005, and then an SMOD in late 2006. And yeah I released Javhax in 2007 (?), but Venoma and Holz can take most of the credit for that, they helped me a lot. I haven't coded in anything more than web languages since.
  4. Super awesome to see Royalhack is back! Some may remember me from the MPC days and the early Royalhack days.

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