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CS:Source Cheat supports leagues?



Is this cheat undetectable to SMAC and others? I recently had to burn two accs using other big name providers who claim to be UD but arent. One of the last remaining war/pug servers kept detecting the cheats I had.

I'm a closet/legit cheater. No visuals, aimbot only and with >10fov and other minimal settings.

Is there anyway to see if this cheat would not get detected?

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Under SMAC and LilAC, I have personally closet cheated using smoothaim + rcs with dynamic FOV and not had issues. However I haven't gone trough every possible AC and checked what they do / done testruns under them, but the before mentioned AC's haven't been an issue for me during the time I spent closeting in some random CS:S pub's.


You could also provide me with the IP / connection info to the server you are interested in, and I'll go check that server specifically.

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The comp server / pugs I'm talking about are the

The pug servers were an instant ban the moment I started shooting a pistol in warmup.

I'm mainly concern about the pug servers honestly.
and the pub server that I got banned via smac are:



Old Farts:

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