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AWP And Pistols CS GO Hack


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I personally think royalhack has one of the best legit bots I have seen even with sniper rifles and pistols although I personally use psilent with pistols tho. For the price I would recommend you at least give the cheat a shot.

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I would say the accuracy is "high" you should be good as long as you are able to aim near an enemy the aim bot should be able to do the rest of the work for you. I would advise you to build your own config against bots and then play one comp game and watch the demo and just keep on tweaking untill you have it a way you feel looks the most legit and suits your play style. I think it's the same with any cheat you just have to get your initial config the way you like it and you should be good to go.

Just a heads up also you can pay like 6 euros for just the aimbot and see if you can get it to a point where you like it and then upgrade to the full version on your store panel if you like it as well just to try it out or whatever.

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