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I have used multiple hacks in the past and most of them are super annoying to install or constantly sends my computer on a ghost chase for a Trojan installment on my PC. RH is by far the easiest and best Hack iv'e ever downloaded. You install the package you mark it as trusted, and you install to the client and then you are set to go!

The last site I used was awful. Customer service was terrible, their hack got detected and they claim that they didn't, but that day I was banned so was about 200 other people in the same day. I dont know about you, but that sounds like it was detected. Also installing the Hack on IWantCheats forum site basically gave me the blue screen of death and there is a giant tutorial on what you need to do and what permissions in your Bios you have to change. If you ask me that is way too much work. I was very suprised to see how easy it was to get these hacks on my computer. Extremely easy 10/10 for installment. 

ratings :

Aimbot : 10/10. They start you at FOV-1 which if you have somewhat decent aim it will increase your head shots and kills by about 50% in my opinion. Super safe hardly noticeable unless you are playing it back over and over to try and find something.

triggerbot : I haven't used this yet, only because there is a high risk of getting caught in OW with stuff like this. 

visual : 9/10. Visuals are pretty easy, The radar over my main radar was kind of obnoxious but it was an easy fix. 

security : N/A Just recently downloaded the hack, but so far it is 100% safe. I have played tons of community servers and Competitive and no one has said a word or been detected so I guess ill give it a 10/10

settings : 9/10. Super easy to fluctuate. My only concern was it took me a  while to learn how to pull up the menu. I had to ask around in Forum  because I didn't see the settings at the bottom of the client. Otherwise everything is easy to move around. Great programming.

Price: 10/10. One of the cheaper ones out on the market, which actually pushed me away at first because normally the amount of time and work put into the hack is normally shown in the price for the unit. However this was not the case. Very Reasonable price for great programming and work.



The Misc: BunnyHop and Auto Pistol. I haven't tried Auto Pistol yet just because if it does something sketch and fishy I wouldn't want to get banned but i play on checking it out soon, the Bunny Hop script is 10/10. Easy to use and it still allows you to jump normally with the space bar.

Easy to get banned if abused or not used correctly. I would but an ! or a caution next to it. 



Overall I am very satisfied with the outcome of the cheat so far. I have no reason to try out any other hacks because this one had everything I needed for a Reasonable price.





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15 hours ago, tweet228 said:

when i saw this review i wanna buy and test this hack too xD

Thanks. Its all honesty too. This is without doubt the easiest and most useful hack I've ever found.

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22 hours ago, eKKKo said:

How do you feel about the Galio rework? @Galio25

Galio25 is from something completely different. But I do play league everyday so my input is that he is extremely strong right now. I think once the nerf hits him they will find a common meeting ground but right now its the same like it is with every champ Riot comes out with, extremely strong. 

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