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Team Fortress 2 Bots Crisis - myg0t and Royal Hack

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Hello everyone,

A lot of people has been registering on our website recently to ask about what is going on with Team Fortress 2 and the massive waves of bots ruining the Valve's Matchmaking Servers by cheating and spamming in text/vocal chats, and some appears to advertise Royal Hack and myg0t.


We have nothing to hide here, we do sell cheats for some games, Team Fortress 2 included, but those are meant to be used on your own private server and the most important thing is that we do not provide any kind of way to act like a bot.

Just to make this clear, Royal Hack has nothing to do with the creation/development/usage of all those bots roaming the Valve Matchmaking servers.

The project exists since 2007, and it happened quite a lot of time that some of our customers tries to advertise our project without our approval and in a wrong way, or even malicious people who have nothing to do with Royal Hack at all who just tries to bring some unwanted attention toward our project/website.

In this case, we have absolutely no idea where the threat comes from, if any of our active customer did this and reads this message, please stop immediatly, Royal Hack will never tolerate such behavior, if you get caught I will personally permanently ban you from our platform.

Another subject to discuss is the myg0t bots part.

It appears those myg0t bots are spamming racists stuff all over the official servers, so again, it makes the attempt very obvious of some malicious people to damage our reputation.

myg0t is just a group of gamers who likes to play the game differently and upset the players, they sometimes use gamehacks to grief players, but I never seen them spreading such terrible words, and I know for sure they never would do such thing especially because of the diversity of all their members.

Royal Hack is a sponsor of myg0t Community, we only provide cheating tools to them, again they are supposed to play on private servers, and they just create YouTube videos with the compilation of their best raging moments, end of story.

The conclusion:

It appears that both Royal Hack and myg0t are being targeted by malicious people who wants to bring unwanted attention toward our projects. We even recently received many attacks on our servers.

That situation must stop, and we the Royal Hack Staff will do everything we can to help and identify the people behind those attacks/bots.

I even considered shutting down the Team Fortress 2 Hack temporarily, but we must support our current customers who have nothing to do with all this terrible story, and again the hack will never make such behavior possible, we have no way to create those bots and let the hack run by itself on many Steam accounts and walk the maps automatically.

I will keep everyone updated as more informations will pop-up !

Thanks everyone for your support.

- Royal Hack Staff.


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