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GMOD Weapon's real name ESP


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Most GMOD hacks uses the entity's class name for their Weapon ESP.

But that's not how I do it.

Instead of m4a1_chantico_fire it will display M4A1's Chantico's Fire, which is what we see on HUD.

The solution is simple, we have the GetPrintName() method available on CBaseCombatWeapon class.

Just get it's virtual index and you are ok.

But that will work with "default" or imported weapons from Source games (like CSS's AK47).

After debugging, you will notice that your entity class becomes CWeaponSWEP for custom weapons/items.

That class override CBaseCombatWeapon::GetPrintName()

So again, find its virtual index, and it's almost over !

Now, in your ESP loop, just check the entity class (is CBaseCombatWeapon or CWeaponSWEP) and cast accordingly, then call GetPrintName.






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