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Rust & PUBG Hacks registrations

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I still have work to do on both Rust & PUBG, but hacks are undetected and a new build is still WIP and will be distributed in private to avoid as much as possible analysis by EAC/BE.

While I'll keep working on security, I'll take a look at the registrations and will soon or later pick some people to be able to purchase the hack once it will be ready.

Apply in the following forum:


Only ranked members can register to private hacks like PUBG & Rust.

Make sure to include the following:

  • Steam Community profile that the hack will be used on, profile must be public
    • You will receive a Steam friend invitation from a completely random name.
    • You will have to accept that Steam account as a friend, you will receive a generated hash serial, you will then have to send me via private message that hash on the website to complete verification of Steam profile.
  • Post your operating system and your CPU, some CPU won't be accepted ...
    • Example: Windows 8.1 64bit English, AMD Ryzen 1700
  • How you ended up on Royal Hack ?

The Steam profile validation will be done only if I decided to test you.

You will agree to private terms once you will be fully approved, monitoring will be done on your system and network while using the private hacks

  • The framework will monitor DNS & overall network activity.
  • VPN is prohibited, and all virtual network cards will have to be disabled, otherwise you will get instantly banned.
  • Installed softwares, services, drivers will be logged.
  • Virtualization logging
  • Any tampering with our monitoring, if detected, will trigger an instant ban.
  • Security warnings might flag your account and your subscription will be paused for manual verification.

Those terms are not final and you are not forced to accept them, full list will be provided to you before payment, if you get accepted.

While we don't want to invade your personal life privacy, deep monitoring & logging must be done to fight efficiently BE / EAC, nothing personal will be retrieved, only things that matters, we might be able to know if you watched some pornhub tho, I suggest you to use PUBG & Rust hacks on a gaming only computer.

Auto updates are disabled on the private build for security purposes, you will have to grab updates manually from the website and follow security steps to clear traces.

See you soon.


EDIT: Private hacks features will be distributed progressively, and only me will decide wether or not a specific feature is safe to use within the framework, so its pointless to suggest new features for PUBG or Rust, I will implement everything possible if that's safe.

For example, PUBG hack don't have instant-snap aimbot, its heavily slowed down and is to be called aim assist instead. Rust hack has ESP only until further investigations is done on human aliek aimbotting and so on... you get the idea, SPEEDHACK OF G0D and others blatant features will never be implemented within the hacks.

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I forgot to mention:

For PUBG, automated monitoring of your player stats will be done, if you go for blatant hacking, i'll revoke your subscription right away, legit hacking only here.

It's not funny, I know, but that's our rules, if you want to keep your account safe, undetected hack & legit hacking is logical.

I'll probably sell some nub framework with rage features later with less security for humsters who wants to just rekt the game for few days and get banned after that.

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EDIT2: The deep monitoring being used on private hacks like PUBG & Rust is not present on other stable products such as CSGO.

If you ever get to use the monitoring, you will know it and you will have to accept the terms, otherwise its never going to be used on your computer without your permission. (And its not needed for CSGO/TF2/GMOD/Others anyway).

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