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Rust & PUBG Hack updates

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Hello everyone

The Rust hack has been updated and is undetected since almost 2 months, I'm not confident enough yet with the production stage of this product so it's still not available for sales, YET !

PUBG hack also follow the road.

We will soon open up BETA Testing again, not for the features as they already are battle tested, but for the undetection, that will require 50 persons on both PUBG and Rust hack.

We will review peoples based on our own criterias, but for the fun we won't be too strict, just to see if EAC/BE is able to detect us right away or not.

Like we used to do, Trusted, some Premiums and Donators will be able to apply for the BETA of those products.

Stay tuned.

ps: Once PUBG/Rust security will be ok, we will go ahead and release new hacks for other games.

psps: We also plan to hack Fornite, as it is based on UE4 too and BE protected.

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I'm cleaning up previous developments made on framework & obfuscation so we can get into "production", updating PUBG hack cuz its outdated since v1 update and then will invite ppl for some alpha/beta/wutever testing.

I'm still in "family/christmas" mode atm, will get back working on hacks next week.

Hopefully nothing will prevent me from updating everything properly, expect tests rolling end January.

Server will be upgraded too, some downtime is planned and will be announced anyway.

Thats the news, nothing fancy, but I had to communicate about that, so far both Rust & PUBG hack are Undetected since September.

Obfuscation is not strong enough yet, should be sorted easily by both BattleEye and EAC, but hey its being worked on, slowly.


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