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I saw that you guys wanted to make a Video but why not make a "Features explained" Thread now? ^^

I only did the Aimbots Tab (will add more) and some things may be wrong so feel free to correct, if you want to explain the other Tab's you can post it here i will Update this Thread.


DEFAULT will set the Settings for all Weapons
If you check a checkbox for a Weapon it will use it's own Settings instead of "DEFAULT"


Enabled - Enables the Aimbot
Ally - If enabled the Aimbot will also Target Teammates
Jumping - If Enabled the Aimbot will also Target Enemys that are Jumping
Vertical Aim - Enable this if you want to Control your Vertical Aim yourself
Swap Target - Enable if the Aimbot should Swap Target while Active
Auto Shoot - Automatically Shoots if you hold your Aim Key
Auto Duck - Automatically Ducks while using the Aimbot
Auto Pistol - Transforms your Pistol into a Maschine Gun if you hold the Aimbot Key :P
Key - Set the Aimbot Key
Hitboxes - Body Parts the Aimbot will Target

Field of View - Radius starting from the middle of your Crosshair (Aimbot will only Activate if the Target is inside the Radius, Priority has to be "Field of View")

-Field of View - Prioritises Target inside your FOV (Field of View)
-Distance - Prioritises the Target thats closer to you
-Health - Prioritises the Target with the lowest Health

Keep Target - How long should the Aimbot stick on one Target before moving to another one
Duration - How long the Aimbot should asisst you while shooting an Enemy (0=Unlimited)

Recoil System
-Enable - Enables the Recoil System
-Scale Pitch - How much should the Aimbot Control the Upwards Spray Pattern
-Scale Yaw - How much should the Aimbot Control the Sideways Spray Pattern

-Speed - Controls how Fast the Aimbot Snaps onto a Target (Higher Number = Slower Snapping)
-Max - Set the Delay between each Shoot

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