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CS:GO Full my Opinion


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AIMBOT 9,5/10

- Very nice i used 8 cheats like iniuria, interwebz, 3lysium and etc. but no one have aim like this. If You add % chance to aim selected bone  it was amazing :) (9,5/10 cause sometimes aim moving on walls, maybe my cfg :P)

- TriggerrBot 10/10

- Very legit, always shoot never any "lag" it saved me very often.  

- ESP 9/10

Very good esp, much options, clear. (9/10 cause there isnt chams)

- Crosshair 10/10

Nothing special but i give 10 :P

- Misc 9/10

Normal options, nothing to say. (9/10 cause auto accept didnt work)

- RCS 8/10

Look good but there isnt Standalone Recoil  thats why 8/10


Soory for en but polish schools :/


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