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  1. hqo998

    CSGO Cheat is bloody good

    As an answer to your first question. I spent a few minutes thinking of something but I can't come up with any suggestions except simplifying it a bit more. To your second question yes I did have a attempt at trying to change the fonts and colours and I didn't find anything I liked without getting confusing. I don't mean to come off rude or stuck-up, I do love the cheat and just want to help it improve
  2. hqo998

    CSGO Cheat is bloody good

    This is one of the first cheats if used and I'm bloody impressed but do take with a grain of salt AIMBOT / TRIGGER 10/10 This has all the features I've needed and more. The controls make it look so legit that if someone thought you were hacking it would've changed their mind instantly. The triggerbot is smooth and easily controllable. ESP 10/10 Has everything you'll need for a legit cheat with no issues. MISC 7/10 Doesn't have many features but has the more common ones. (Bhop, AutoStrafe, AutoPistol and FOV) RADAR 5/10 Looks outdated and kinda ugly better to use the ingame rader esp. SKIN CHANGER 9/10 Works beautifully but have encountered some issues such as the search bar and gloves not working but its not a massive issue. OVERALL: 10/10 Would definitely buy this cheat. Last detection was ages ago, doesn't hurt fps a lot and doesn't crash.

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