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  1. BTW did you got log from this day so i can see if i used it or no ?
  2. Hi Unstuck, Ty for the investigation, it's there anything else than a cheat that could trigger a vac ban ? The only one i'm using since 2017 and even before on an another accs was RH. IDK what should take me to a ban instead of it. If it was a game ban i should that's my config but my aimbot is so low like 0.2 to 0.5 for awp that's just impossible. TY again Regards, CKKKK
  3. Hi, Just a question, I got 2 accs who get VAC banned not ingame ban(ow) since 90days so what's going on ? Regards,
  4. didn't say there's no ESP, there's no sound ESP and no GLOW ESP, and you can use aimbot/esp in all the way you want it's at your own risk we just mean to play legit that's it
  5. Already global before i bought royal hack, the hack don't determine your rank anymore. It'll help you but it'll not raise you to pro level. There's no sound ESP or Glow ESP. As shiro said, you need some game sense and a little of knowledge in aiming otherwise i'm pretty sure u'll activate esp or other and be less legit and you'll be overwatch for sure. Try to stay legit all the time you'll never be ban even if sometimes it's difficult and u should have a better rank than if u were without cheat obviously. Sorry my bad english

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