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  1. mrzxz


    Sorry for the late reply I just thought you will never answer me . I have the transaction ID. Check your PM please.
  2. mrzxz


    Any help please ?
  3. mrzxz


    Since you can not check , why did I lose my account if I registered a year ago ?
  4. mrzxz


    Yeah I would like that if you can check the old data base, I sent unstuck a message but he didnt reply yet. IF i believe this is like my third time signing up. back in 2011 and one in 2017 , and now this year. So I lost my account 2 times, unless im crazy.
  5. mrzxz


    Hi, I would like to sign up for the rust hacks Do i need to just buy a hack to sign up or do I have to be member for a long time? I was member since 2011 but since royalhacks went offline for like a year I guess I lost my login ? becuase im using the same name I had before. Thank you and sorry for my english

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