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  1. Sora304

    CS:S Hack Review

    Edit of review Aimbot: 6/10
  2. Sora304

    CS:S Hack Review

    Keep in mind that I don't use any rage/blatant features, so the lack of rage features won't affect the score I give it, I like to keep my playstyle legit while having the edge over other people. I know CS:S is a semi-dead game, but I still enjoy to play it once in a while (mainly with hacks), so here it is, my honest review of the CS:S Hack : --------------------------------------- CS:S Hack Aimbot: 5/10 -lack of bones, only 3 bones available (Head, Neck, Pelvis.) -1 Recommended bones to add: Chest, Stomach. This bothers me because I'm an aimkey user, when AWPing if I flick to the upper chest while pressing the aimkey it will just give me a headshot, if I set it to pelvis only it makes it look very suspicious from my POV since it pulls my aim down to hit the pelvis. -lack of (RCS after x shots.) -1 Because it's not fun having my crosshair dragged down while tapping and holding the aimkey, even after a single tap my crosshair just gets pulled straight down. -gets detected by SMAC -3 It got me banned on a 5v5 server. CS:S is a barely alive game, getting banned left and right just because a server uses some sort of SMAC it's just not acceptable for someone who is trying to pass as a legit player. ------------------------------------------ Triggerbot : 6/10 -lack of bones, only 3 bones available (Head, Neck, Pelvis.) -3 Recommended bones to add: Chest, Stomach. I use the triggerbot for sniping, if I'm holding an angle while holding the triggerbot key and its aimed at the enemy's chest while he crosses, then nothing will happen and the triggerbot won't do you any favors. --------------------------------- ESP: 10/10 Does what its suppose to do --------------------------------- Misc: 8/10 Does what its suppose to do, I'm pretty sure bhop can get caught by SMAC. (will edit if it isn't) --------------------------------- Other features: N/A I don't use them. --------------------------------- That's my review for now. If I feel like I have to add more info I will proceed to do so! Have a nice day!

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