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LF Players (Legit hacking) USA


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     Hey guys, I'm become increasingly annoyed of playing the MM lottery. Usually by first 2 minutes of warmup I can tell if we win or lose by how hard people are hacking. Whoever is willing to use the most blatant configs or whichever team has more cheaters win. Past few days I can count on 1 one hand the number of games I actually wanted to sit through and play due to rage toggling spinners and throwers (DMG rank). I feel like MM has turned in to a HvH server. I'm still a few levels off prime. Does it get any better with prime/anyone have tips to improve trust factor rating? I do not get reported/called out often at all so I am curious of the rating system. I am looking for anyone to queue up so that we will stand more of a chance winning. (i use legit config. very small fov, no trigger, occasionally use esp).. Post/pm me discord or steam profile, dont care if you cheat or play legit, just don't be blatant as I don't want to get deranked (already happened multiple times from guys being blatant and spinbotting on my team and they got OW'd.) Strength in numbers

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First off, get prime. Yes its easy to get prime/phone number, but alot of turkish/russians dont know that, so they never upgrade to prime status. So yes, it does go down, but pretty much everyone who is in prime is legit hacking lol. And no, no one will queue up with you and go blatant. If you win you win, if you lose you lose

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