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[CSGO:Full]Why RH is the best & Why i started hacks


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Hello,here I will explain why theses hacks are perfect and why i started to cheat. :D


Complet wallhacking system also with chams its so perfect,so much features are so usefull,like the HP,timer of the bomb...

Note: 10/10


Its where this cheat is the best,if you use it with ESP its just godlike,you can go obvious or totally legit(trust me you won't get OW ban if you use a legit cfg,by the way you can find them on the forum).

You can litteraly set up everything you imagine with this hack.


WARNING: Always use a premade cfg with legit settings in Matchmaking or you will be Overwatched and ban,do not go obvious hacking or you will have to buy another account,trust me going legit hacking wont get you OW ban.


Why i started hacking :ph34r::

Well,if you are LEM or higher you will understand me if you are not i hope you will understand why.

I was LEM totally legit but after this rank damn,you cant play a single game even with Prime without a cheater or more in the game.

I looked many replays and you can trust me,the Valve MM is not for legit players.

The funny thing when you use ESP is that you can see others hackers acts obviously in game xD

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