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Hello everybody.

I want to be a sponsore and i will told you why...


I want to sponsor this cheat cause 1. I Like cheats xD I play legit to suprem and after thats all i thoug i start with cheats xD i know best reason.

2. I Like Royal hack. The Aimbot works very good and the ESP is also very nice createt.

I know thats i don't have the bigges community(I have at this moment 41 subs). But i realy want to Sponsor this cheat. I already make a review about this cheat and im streaming every week

1 - 3 Times.


My Youtube Channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi249yZhmACgIypm2Xa9hlQ?view_as=subscriber

My native language  is: German.


The video thats i already did:


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