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CS:GO Feedback | Azkaviah

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Hello guys,

I had already used Royalhack a year ago and in the meantime I used others cheats to get an idea of which is the best. I reuse cs:go royalhacks cheat for 30 days and here's my review.

I will treat point by point the tools of this cheat:


Aimbot 9/10

In my opinion, it’s the best I have ever used and the smoothest. The customization is insane and we can’t do better. There is no backtrack but I don’t find it necessary when you have a good configuration.


Triggerbot 10/10

What to say ? It’s a trigger with a good humanize tool and it does its jobs.


Radar /10

I didn’t play with it so I’m not able to judge it.


Visuals 10/10

There is what you need, I like all the options.


Misc 7/10

I only used a little bunnyhop and it looks good. I suggest you can add settings for configurations more “legit”, a higher timing for not totally perfect jumps. I don’t really know because in reality I only use it to do solo boosts.


Skin changer 8/10

I saw people complaining about gloves that didn’t work, but for me it works very well. I was lost in the beginning but I quickly understood how the personalization menu worked, to configure when you are ct or t.


Conclusion 8.8/10

It's clearly the best cheat I've used. In addition, it is very interesting for its price. During this month, I made 260 wins in supreme/global and I was never vac. I recommend this cheat to anyone looking for a legit cheat.

I advise to take the time to properly configure it and adapt it to your style of play. For my part, I mainly used the aimbot with a very low fov. I use a very low sensitivity and it's literally undetectable in overwatch. I like spending time to modify the parameters of the aimbot and when I will consider that it’s perfect, I will post my config.


I will not play for two months but as soon as I will play again, I'll be back ;)

Thank you for the quality of your cheats, continue like this

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