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  1. Is RoyalHack SLOTH FRIENDLY?

    v3n0m4 you deserve to be banned!!
  2. How do you guys feel about hacking??

    When you get 20+ kills on PUBG And your duo partner thinks your a fucking god, its a good feeling. Also on CSGO, Joining a team and dropping 40 bombs legit hacking, and you get treated like a fucking slut you are, its a great feeling
  3. UK vs Russia

    rip me
  4. Is RoyalHack SLOTH FRIENDLY?

    Dopey, sloths make great pets. And thank you, good to hear that you guys do sucha great thing for the poor sloths that need your help!
  5. Sloths are beautiful animals, they are chill af. they sleep for around 18 hours a day, they are slow and they are very loyal. These beautiful animals have such a big hate train, for no reason. People are even out there hunting these amazing and kind animals. Well when expressing my love for sloths on the royalhack discord, i got taken as a joke by some of the admins. Saying they want to taste sloth meat. Im FED UP OF THIS. I wont activate my resub until i hear that royalhack have respect for these animals and royalhack has no hate towards sloths. This is awful behaviour from some admins who have such a high role and responsibility.
  6. LF Players (Legit hacking) USA

    First off, get prime. Yes its easy to get prime/phone number, but alot of turkish/russians dont know that, so they never upgrade to prime status. So yes, it does go down, but pretty much everyone who is in prime is legit hacking lol. And no, no one will queue up with you and go blatant. If you win you win, if you lose you lose

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