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  1. metr0id


    You're late. That Discord got banned recently.
  2. metr0id


  3. metr0id

    Team Fortress 2 Hack Query

    never detected it's 30 euros for a year
  4. metr0id


    my friend said ninja is teh best so i must believe him. it fucking insanes me how good he is though lmao, i wish i was that good.
  5. metr0id

    [CS:GO FULL]

    backtrack in misc would b nice so it's not just on when aimbot is activated (unstug i luv backtrack so do otherz ;c)
  6. metr0id

    forum pour les francais ?? (french RUSTer)

    halllo ich bin der kifferking von der interwebz cr3w
  7. metr0id

    Feedback CS GO

    On our store page we have a description of each and every feature. Injection process shouldn't be hard ever unless there is a problem like an update that doesn't allow RH to inject. Other than that, only thing I can think of is intrusive antivirus blocking injection.
  8. metr0id

    Hello, everybody. I'm your new friend.

    howdy to teh new friend
  9. metr0id

    Rage config for cs?

    The cheat is not recommended for raging. The best you'll be able to do is win versus people with bad cheats.
  10. metr0id

    Fornite VS pubg wich one is better ??

    Never played FN, barely have played PUBG. However, I think FN is pretty cool(watched my friend play it on my PS4 lul)
  11. metr0id

    how to get ranked?

    buy a cheat or donate
  12. metr0id

    Rust/PUBG In store or Invite only?

    invite only
  13. metr0id

    Injection error

    Anti-virus or firewalls might cause the following errors: Unable to inject into target process Third party overlays (Mumble, Teamspeak, Fraps, OBS, Discord, Overwolf, whatever...) might cause the following error: Unable to inject into target process EDIT: What game? If none of those fix it, it's possible the game is outdated.
  14. metr0id

    Banned game in Steam Account (worried)

    A ban in a game unrelated to CS:GO will not carry over to CS:GO.

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