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  1. If you are talking about the button to open the menu it's the insert key.
  2. You have to be invited to the cheat before you can buy it.
  3. Exactly. Who knows how long they could have had the hack. I think the entire invite system needs to be reworked somehow, it's far too easy to get an invite. It needs to be a lot more strict by implementing an application system or something.
  4. Played for about 20 hours before getting EAC violation. Changed hwid and IP before playing. Fairly certain it is detected.
  5. Basically the only reason I want to cheat in rust is because I want to play the game but don't have time to grind resources all day because I have a full time job. No way I'd find enough time to grind resources. I'd rather just take from other people without them knowing like 80% of the other cheaters.
  6. Pretty much exactly what he said. Never making it too obvious (not using a pistol to kill someone that is 350m away), waiting until you physically see the player before you shoot, making sure screenshots that you don't show the hacks you're using (don't do what I did before, immediately got kicked from the community I was in).
  7. First started back years ago on GTA:SA, moved onto CS 1.6, went to GTA V hosting money lobbies and now onto Rust.
  8. Hotspot Shield Elite is amazing. Easy to find cheap subscriptions for their Elite service and has never failed me. Well worth a shot.
  9. Ah, took me a while to figure that out. Thanks for clearing it up. Hope I can get an invite soon!
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