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  1. What updated version ? Just go into the Bind section of your AWP config and change that bind key
  2. Ok so I tried your config, everything works fine. Your aim key is Mouse 5, when I press it, and the ennemy is within the FOV, it's aimbotting. I tried increasing the FOV, and it worked for AWP just fine. Did you know that aimkey was mouse 5 btw ?
  3. Alright then upload it there
  4. Zip your config .dat file and upload it on this thread I'll take a look directly edit: If you don't have permissions to upload that file on thread, please tell me
  5. Ok, so you want the AWP to instantly go onto the target ? Because with that FOV being set to 38°, if you enabled smoothing (in humanize tab) then I doubt you will ever touch your ennemies
  6. You can send it to me via private message, probably have to zip it (allowed extensions)
  7. Can you send me your config please ?
  8. I assume you modified the AWP config from the aimbot, but you did not CHECK the AWP so it's still the Default settings being applied when you use AWP
  9. Thanks a lot for that review, really appreciated. I pushed an update on the Aimbot to be SMAC-Proof. ps: Can you copy-paste your review on the store product's review page please ? Thanks
  10. Hello everyone, We finally accept cryptocurrencies again ! Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Ethereum Litecoin Payments are instantly/automatically reviewed just like PayPal.
  11. I explained everything in my post above.
  12. Simple. Effective. Nice. Thanks for sharing this one I like it
  13. lmao nice @MaareK So yea, two things, first the lifetime subscriptions (CSGO Cheap 10€) died when we closed Royal Hack in 2013 as it was the lifetime of the project. RH re-opened 2016, with a new project & subscriptions plans (no more Cheap RH). You should have received an email, we still offer 3 Months for free (which is already more expensive than the price you paid many years ago for Cheap RH) to all Cheap RH former subscribers. So yea, contact me in private message, I'll activate your 3Months. As for the warning point, do not worry, it's just a notification because we recently merged old RH website accounts to this new one.
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