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  1. Gekk0

    WoW log meme python (c) Atex

    im only against shitposting.. thats it
  2. Gekk0

    CS:GO Full Package Review

    Thanks for the feedback @chris nice video too
  3. Gekk0

    Cs go

    Topic solved
  4. you need a rank to be able to apply
  5. You have to make an application. https://royalhack.net/forum/70-private-applications/
  6. Gekk0

    Team Fortress 2 Hack Query

    its per year.
  7. Gekk0


    This guy is a big whiny bitch.
  8. Gekk0


    Either buy a cheat or donate.
  9. Gekk0

    Rust/PUBG In store or Invite only?

    read the news section
  10. Gekk0

    Fornite VS pubg wich one is better ??

    pubg cuz building is shitty
  11. Gekk0

    Banned game in Steam Account (worried)

    It will give you a new hardware id
  12. Gekk0

    Banned game in Steam Account (worried)

    you will only be overwatched if you play blatant... just ignore people saying that you cheat.. if it gets annoying just create a new csgo account..

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