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  3. askra


    Css hack is undetected for smac ?
  4. can i play with this software on faceit?
  5. Can I play this cheat on faceit?
  6. Earlier
  7. What updated version ? Just go into the Bind section of your AWP config and change that bind key
  8. no i didnt know that. so can you send me the updated version?
  9. Ok so I tried your config, everything works fine. Your aim key is Mouse 5, when I press it, and the ennemy is within the FOV, it's aimbotting. I tried increasing the FOV, and it worked for AWP just fine. Did you know that aimkey was mouse 5 btw ?
  11. Alright then upload it there
  12. yeah. i have it zipped and everything but i dont have the "drag files here to attach or choose files" option like you do.
  13. Zip your config .dat file and upload it on this thread I'll take a look directly edit: If you don't have permissions to upload that file on thread, please tell me
  14. the awp settings just simply arent working at all period no matter how i set them
  15. its usually set to about 2.1. the thing with the awp is that when i use to change the fov i could aim next to enemies and still hit them. so for instance if i flicked a shot across my screen and only hit next to them it would still hit them because of the awp settings on rh. how do i accomplish this agin?
  16. Ok, so you want the AWP to instantly go onto the target ? Because with that FOV being set to 38°, if you enabled smoothing (in humanize tab) then I doubt you will ever touch your ennemies
  17. i cant even post a screenshot of it on here
  18. i zipped the file but im still unable to send it apparently.. how else can i send it to you?
  19. You can send it to me via private message, probably have to zip it (allowed extensions)
  20. im not positive how to insert the file onto this forum chat? i cannot just drag it in. do you have en email i can send it to? or another way?
  21. Can you send me your config please ?
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