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  4. Hello, I don't plan to add those plans again, maybe the Full version price will decrease again.
  5. Hi, I've been here for almost a year or two and I remembered when you guys offered just the aimbot version. I can see that you guys taken it off the list, are there any future plans for just an aimbot again? Thanks.
  6. exoticx94


    Hello Royalhack team. 1 year ago i had invited to rust private cheat, now when i am back i dont have permission to write in the chat and don't have permission to buy Rust cheat??!
  7. Earlier
  8. to help you out: PUBG uses Xenuine and XignCode 3 as their Anticheats next to BattlEye ESL Wire
  9. aboodlootah22


    i would like an admin to chat me on private please im willing to buy
  10. dequality


    Still no release date for the rust hack? =(
  11. complets pack 25 sets 5.64 euro
  12. Smart man, thanks UnstucK
  13. It's not a default option, but you can do that by setting the "Invisible" color of your ennemies to 100% transparent, this way the ESP will not render Chams are also included in the hack, disabling XQZ feature will show them only when visible.
  14. Can I make the ESP only showup when the enemy is visable?
  15. Atari


  16. Hello everyone, You can now purchase the CSGO Hack for a year at only 60.00€! That makes the CSGO Hack even more affordable at only 5.00€ per months 👍 Monthly price also decreased from 12.00€ to 9.99€. Enjoy! Stay tuned for new products.
  17. the hwid is used to unban from gamersclub? I was banned from gamersclub and it does not let me access
  18. There is cheat free on Rust?
  19. Replied in private messages. Your antivirus is instantly deleting the content of the archive. Please make sure to either add the archive to the exclusion list from Windows Defender, or deactivate the Active Antivirus Protection.
  20. So i just bought the hack today and i click on the loader download ive never had this problem before but i open up the folder in a zip and there is nothing inside the folder it says RHclient_supahzackary is the name of the folder but there is no client inside of it help is needed and appreciated thanks
  21. Purchased05/05/19 Expires06/05/19 Ton abonnement se termine le 05 Juin ... Il est toujours actif.
  22. J'ai acheté mon abonnement CSGO le 5 mai et il est deja fini c'est quoi ca? J'ai recu un mail disant que mon abo est fini et quand j'essaie de me co sur le cheat ET BAH NON PLUS ACCES ! Donc la j'ai deja perdu 1 jour de mon abonnement
  23. Now. What do we do to get it? (PUBG)
  24. Hello, We did not import old royal hack accounts on this new website, since the project has restarted in 2016.
  25. Bonjour, PUBG sera à nouveau disponible bientôt, et de façon permanente & sans stock (en public). L'implémentation de l'hypervisor n'est pas encore tout à fait réussie & il faut que je fasse le HWID Spoofer également. Une annonce sera faite en temps voulu.
  26. After a long time away from gaming I finally got myself something to Run CS on! I remembered I had an account here! But it appears in 2016 the forum was upgraded? Is it possible to re-import my old account? I have tried to PM several members of staff to gain some help, i understand you maybe busy! I just would like to continue my reign ! Thanks
  27. Bonjour , je vois que le hack PUBG est en rupture de stock , pensez vous en remettre en stock ou l'avez vous arrété ? Bonne soirée
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