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  5. I, too, await the cheat on rust
  6. Earlier
  7. I've been looking around lately at Destiny 2 related shit and I don't see any proper hacks for it except some external triggerbots. Some cheat provider said they wouldn't touch it since it's related to the blizzard client, but blizzard has nothing to do with the game except having it on their store, it's all Bungie. I also can't find any information on their AC so they must have their own, while reading some old UC posts they seem to have some sort of AC that fucks any overlay injections. Do any of you coding niggas have any idea why people steer clear from it with the exception with that the demand for cheats in it ain't big. Only proper information I found on it when looking around
  8. Hi, im french rust's player, need to know when the hack will be ready, please Thank you, and thanks about your job^^
  9. Servi12


    My friends tell me good site for buy hack for rust, but outstock
  10. Hey Guys, I know Rust cheat is at the moment not available. But i hope i can make PP happy with that. I want to sell Rust Steam Accounts with Hours, is this okay or not ? Please then say it. If anybody is interessted PM me. thanks guys
  11. Newbietuwbie

    Rust hack

    Legend has it if you DM homeless feet pics you'll get access to big rust hak
  12. Hello everyone, Royal Hack's Rust Hack and PUBG Hack are now available for purchases, to everyone as of today, 01/04/2019 They both fully supports Easy Anti Cheat and BattleEye. It's currently available for AMD CPUs only.
  13. this is offtopic right? i need help cause my bum keeps itching inside. it keeps bleeding when i scratch it. any advise?
  14. Kamay is like the best

    Rust hack

    it's not out atm
  17. shadshirk69

    Rust hack

    Am I able to get rust hack? Had it back in 2017 and went a little while without a pc. Haven’t played since legacy and I miss Aimboting people 😂
  18. Thanks bro, how often does it get detected?
  19. The hack features RCS, which stands for Recoil Control System, so yes no recoil is available. The hack is mainly made for legit hacking
  20. Hello, I'm new to royal hacks and I wanted to know some things about the Royal Hacks CSS cheat. Does it have anything like a no recoil option? Also is the aimbot believable as I plane to do legit hacking as it is called. Anyway that's all the questions for now.
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