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  5. UnstucK


    Hello, Rust hack is detected.
  6. Can you see it now ?
  7. have had csgo hacks for a while, i bought gmod and can no longer det the loader. i bought the hardware reset and still nothing
  8. fj007


    Hello is rust hack safe and how long its UD?
  9. Never been detected, while lmaobox got detected several times, but I guess lmaobox is stable now since VAC does not do much things on TF2 anymore. So as you wish.
  10. Why Should I buy this? Money is SUPER tight for me, and the dilemma I face is as follows: Being in australia, the dollar here is around .6 Euro, making this cheat $50 a year. Why should I get this when I can just go to LMAOBOX and get that cheat for only 27 dollars, and keep it for life? I have been looking around everywhere and really am unsure on who to go to. I just want an aimbot/autostab function that can work smoothly and wont cause me any grief.
  11. for what did I get a ban? I guess someone from supervision could check it?
  12. https://royalhack.net/clients/purchases/ https://royalhack.net/store/
  13. Where can i renew the buy of cs go hace ?
  14. Fixed Discord integration with RH Website. You can now join the server again https://royalhack.net/discord/invite/general/
  15. It's a false positive that is caused by antivirus heuristics. Consult your antivirus documentation how to add RoyalHack loader into it's exclusions list.
  16. i want to ask if its there a solution to the virus that shows me when i use the cheat cs go
  17. I will send you the latest logs for you, via private message
  18. BTW did you got log from this day so i can see if i used it or no ?
  19. Hi Unstuck, Ty for the investigation, it's there anything else than a cheat that could trigger a vac ban ? The only one i'm using since 2017 and even before on an another accs was RH. IDK what should take me to a ban instead of it. If it was a game ban i should that's my config but my aimbot is so low like 0.2 to 0.5 for awp that's just impossible. TY again Regards, CKKKK
  20. So I checked. You used our cheats on 6 accounts. 2 accounts are banned, both 90 days ago. All the others are clean, I checked one you using since 2017 and is still OK. My guess is that you used another tool ~90days ago that triggered a detection on two of your steam accounts, the ones you used at that time.
  21. Hi, I will check your steam accounts, however there are no banwave going on right now.
  22. Hi, Just a question, I got 2 accs who get VAC banned not ingame ban(ow) since 90days so what's going on ? Regards,
  23. Meeks


    CS:S hack is Top Notch, if you configure it right.
  24. Hello everyone, A lot of people has been registering on our website recently to ask about what is going on with Team Fortress 2 and the massive waves of bots ruining the Valve's Matchmaking Servers by cheating and spamming in text/vocal chats, and some appears to advertise Royal Hack and myg0t. https://www.pcgamer.com/team-fortress-2-is-under-attack-by-bots-and-not-the-fun-kind/ We have nothing to hide here, we do sell cheats for some games, Team Fortress 2 included, but those are meant to be used on your own private server and the most important thing is that we do not provide
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